meet the team
who are the vbirc network operators?

Hey :)
These are the guys and girls online who help run the whole chat network. They're the ones that run the servers, provide support, build the channels, and make sure there's no abuse. You're always free to poke them in the help channel for support.

Head Staff
the owners who make it all happen

  • Floris - network owner,

Support / Assisting Staff
global and local operators, support team members

  • Chroder - network admin,
  • Pyro -,
  • Martin - support staff, ssl,,
  • Mikey - support staff, services,,
  • SNN - support staff, live-chat,,
  • Ian - support staff, documentation, #help
  • Jobe - support staff, ipv6, technical, #help
  • Aperson - support staff, linux, #help

Get #help now
automatically connect to, channel: #help

Talk in #help to an irc operator now..

On any chat channel you can type: !staff and/or !admins to find out which operator is online.

At any point you're free to contact an irc operator for support. You can do so via /msg opername YourMsgHere, or by sending an email using the left menu's "contact us > get help from operator" form. You can also come to our public oper channel: /join #help

If you wish to report operator abuse you can at any point contact Floris in private via the left menu's "contact us > report abuse" form.