bot "StatServ" provides vbirc network statistics

From January 2010 on the vbirc network is gathering global statistics of the network, putting them into a database and publishing the results on a web site. This page provides additional information regarding what data is gathered, how we get more detailed channel and user data, and how you can use it on your own web site.

a network service bot gathering statistics

This is a network service bot that idles on the network 24/7/365 and collects the network data such as network name, servers, if they're online or offline, and how many people are on the servers. And how many channels are created, etc.

This information is stored in a database and then later published to the web.

The StatServ bot can also gather more specific information if the user is registered, and/or a channel is registered. Additionally even further details are available if the bot (optionally) is inside a chat channel. Everybody on our network that owns a registered channel can request the StatServ bot.

Introduction and Information
thank you for using our chat network, and stats show how much it's being used

Stats are little tidbits of information, all pieces of interesting information, which often tend to be scattered in many places. On our vbirc network, we have gathered together all these little interesting pieces of information, and put them all in one place. That place is located at .

These stats are gathered by an irc service, a 'bot' called StatServ, which sits in your channel, and gathers stats about your channel and users. We don't sell your information, and it is an opt in service, to get the "StatServ" bot added to your channel, please contact a Stats Administrator (Floris or Mikey) or ask in the #help channel.

Available commands in a channel: none. Except:
- if the bot 'database', or 'info', or 'infobot' is in the channel, then you can use: ?? stats username, and/or ?? chanstats channel (without the #).
- if the bot 'statserv' is in the channel, then you can use: !stats (to get your own stats), and/or !top (to see top posters in the channel).

As with every network service, we do have rules which apply to this service, available at - Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the service!