SSL Support
Connecting over Secure Socket Layer

Users can connect to normally, as well as over a SSL connection.
/server 6667 - normal connection, text is in plain text.
/server +6697 - ssl connection, text is encrypted where possible.
Chatting to another client in private who's not on SSL while you are == not encrypted.
Chatting to another client in private who is also on SSL while you are == encrypted.
Chatting to another client on another ssl server who's also on SSL while you are == not encrypted (atm)
What is SSL?
SSL is short for Secure Socket Layer.
Allowing communication between clients or on channels to be encrypted.
An SSL enabled chat client is required, such x-chat or mIRC.
SSL is not needed to chat with other SSL users, it just won't be encrypted.
To chat encrypted both parties must be on an SSL connection.
/whois username, will disclose if someone is or not, showing:
User: John, is on a Secured Connection.
If it doesn't say that, the user isn't.
Channels can be SSL too, using channel mode: +z
A demo channel: #ssl is set to +z, allowing only SSL users to join.

Using SSL
How to use SSL on vbirc network

Which Servers can I use?
Connect to: /server +6697
If you connect to 6667, or another port, it's not encrypted.
Currently only a few servers support SSL:,,,, and
So both clients have to be on SSL to chat encrypted.
Once connected, /join #ssl - if you can join, you're on a secure connection.
Why can't I use one of the other servers?
We're working on it :)
Check this page to see which servers are SSL enabled, and which ports,
specific details can be found here:
How do I connect?
See if you can add the network, with the server, to your config, selecting SSL for port 6697.
Or manually connect using mIRC: /server +6697 (specific info: )
Or manually connect using xchat: /server -ssl 6697
How do make my channel SSL only?
Notice: If you set mode +z, unsecured connections won't be able to join.
Let's pretend your channel is: #weather
/mode #weather +z (use -z to remove it)