network rules
Behave, or die trying!

We are an open network, but upon connect you void your freedom of speech; As you automatically accept our terms of services. A quick summary of this service is: Do not excess your actions, use common sense. Don't do anything that's illegal, behave. Misbehavior can lead to your access being limited or revoked from the channel or whole network.

Terms of Services

You are allowed to connect one or more times from the same internet protocol address (host/ip) or from various IP addresses; unless used for bad.
You are allowed to join public channels.
You are allowed to join new channels and register them as your own.
You are allowed to invite people into public channels, unless channel rules overwrite this.
You are allowed to invite people into your own channels, unless used for spam.
You are allowed to add staff (sop/aop/hop/vop) users to your channel access list.
You are allowed to get a very big and busy channel, we encourage this!
You are allowed to run robot scripts, bots, eggdrop bots, bnc, etc in your own channel. Unless used for bad.
You are not allowed to run the above 'bots' in channels not owned by you, unless the channel staff allows so.
You are allowed to repeat, but not in excess. You are allowed to swear, but not in excess. You are allowed to type in color, but not in excess - these rules can be overwritten by channel rules.
You are allowed to be a good person and help others, be nice, and make friends.
And yes, you're allowed to idle in channels, unless the channel rules prohibit this.
You can discuss politics, but it's best to use #politics for this, to avoid heated discussions in the normal channels.

You are not allowed ... to be a dick, a flooder, cloner, and other stupid behavior actions that are obvious to only be done with sole reason to disrupt normal chat.
You are not allowed to hack people, harass people, be abusive to people, be racist, share or talk about kiddie porn, spam in channels, and do other obvious things that are obvious to only be done with sole reason to disrupt normal chat.
You are not allowed to be friends with chat users that smoke.
You are allowed to make a mistake, and learn from it. And we are allowed to point out your mistakes.
You are not allowed to 'fake' users, or their IP/host address, company officials, or official web site staff.
We frown upon DDoS-, hacking-, or otherwise malicious conversations, upon request by channel ops to stop it's expected the topic about it is dropped.

We do not allow hacking, share or warez channels. And do not allow discussions about piracy in #chat.
We allow users to have an eggdrop botnet, but we do not allow botnets with the intention for malicious ends. Such as spamming, flooding, DDoS, etc.

Extra privileges

Users who join our network are automatically "masked". This means that normal users can not see your unique IP address (or host address). It is masked with random garbled text, for either 25, 50, 75 or 100%. With /mode YourName -x you can remove this block. And with +x you turn it on again. Please note that the network staff (the irc operators) can at any time check your /whowas and /whois to find your true IP address. We require this privilege so we can better assist you, and if you are an abusive user - so we can better ban you. Please note that if the "Founder" of a channel requests a users' IP address from a user in their channel, and the reason is in regards to abuse, that we will share the IP address.

A registered user can also join the #help channel and request a free vhost - which allows them to completely mask their public host address. People have created awesome virtual hosts, such as 'leave.britney.alone' and ''. Starting January 1st, a user has to be a) registered to their nickname to request a virtual host, b) can only request their own virtual host, and c) can request a virtual host once a month.
/msg hostserv request leave.britney.alone
Operator check once a week for pending requests, and accept/decline them (at our discretion).
Once accepted you will receive a msg from an operator, after which you can type (to activate it): /msg hostserv on

Also, channels with 5 users or more can get a 'operator' bot to help them manage their channel better.
Channels with 10 to 15 users constantly, can request a google-bot, database-bot, log-bot, or trivia-bot.
Channels with 15 to 25 users constantly, can request a private bot with a private script (within reason).

What we do with bad users

If you misbehave in a channel, the channel staff can take action. Upon request we can help out (the irc operators).
If you misbehave and break our global network rules, the channel staff can request a global ban, which we will then review before setting it. This global ban can be temporary, or perm.
If an irc operator notices an abusive user being very abusive in any channel, breaking one of the more serious rules, an instant block from the network will be set. This block can be temporary or perm.
Users who bypass the ban will be banned again, increasing their temporary ban time. Bypassing a perm ban will result in us not willing to listen to reason and lose any intention to remove the perm ban.
Users who do not learn and keep being abusive will be globally banned, 100% ignored, and all abuse will be logged and reported to their ISP abuse department. If we decline access to a network to someone and access is obtained unauthorized, we will report it as unauthorized access, and we will make it clear that we have informed the user various times, and provide the log files. Please note that we have good relationships with many international hosting and IS providers, and it won't be the first time someone was sanctioned or suspended, or even having their account cancelled.
To be clear: Abusive users who break our ToS as mentioned above should realize we might disclose their personal IP address to third parties involved in helping us prevent further abuse. But we will protect the private IP addresses of those who respect our ToS, we value privacy as much as you do. And we value an abuse-free chat network just as much.