IPv6 Support
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)

Users can connect to ipv6.vbirc.com normally, as well as over an IPv6 connection.
/server ipv6.vbirc.com 6667 - normal connection.
/server -6 ipv6.vbirc.com 6667 - ipv6 connection.
At the moment this is our only IPv6 capable server.
Encryption is possible. /server -6 -ssl ipv6.vbirc.com 6697
It's recommended to use xchat or irssi for IPv6 on IPv6 capable operating system.
What is IPv6?
IPv6 is short for Internet Protocol version 6.
An IPv4 address is what you normally have, and looks like (4 blocks, divided by a dot).
An IPv6 address looks like aaaa:aaaa:aaaa:aaaa:aaaa:aaaa (6 blocks, divided by : character).
Your operating system must have an IPv6 stack.
Your IRC client must be IPv6 capable.

Using IPv6
How to use SSL on vbirc network

Which Servers can I use?
Connect to: /server -6 ipv6.vbirc.com
Currently the only server that supports IPv6
Once connected, /join #help - And ask a helper to confirm you've connected with your IPv6 host.
Why can't I use one of the other servers?
We're working on it :)
Check this page to see which servers are IPv6 enabled, and which ports,
specific details can be found here: vbirc.com/ircd.php
How do I connect?
Manually connect using mIRC: /server ipv6.vbirc.com 6667 (specific info: )
Or manually connect using xchat or irssi: /server -6 ipv6.vbirc.com 6667
How do make my channel IPv6 only?
You can't.