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Check our the home and about us pages to learn more about our network before considering a donation.

We are not a commercial company trying to monetize our social network. We are just a hobby that has grown out of proportion. And could use your donations to keep us online.

We run and pay for the irc servers ourselves, without funding, budget or sponsoring. The money comes out of our own wallets. Your contributions go directly into renewing domain names, renewing shell accounts, investing into stability and resources, and marketing / advertising the network.

If you want, and based on the size of your donation (and per donation), it's possible to send out a global announcement to all our 250+ online users giving you full credit (name + website).

Donations can be done via PayPal, and are not refundable. We accept any amount between $1 and $reasonable, but have created a few options for you (requires sign up):

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Manual/Custom donations can be made directly to (does not require sign up)
Donations can be done via PayPal, and are not refundable.

If you need to contact us, Floris can be reached on

The vbirc staff thanks you very, very much for your support!