about us
what are we all about

The staff running the network have always been enthousiasts of irc chatting, and have many years of experience running channels and chat servers. To get the best control over the chat network we've decided to build our own. So we can offer a totally free, open, flexible, and friendly chat network to people who wish to live chat just like us.

Everybody is allowed to connect to our network, with one or more connections. Everybody is free to join public channels or create their own channels. Everybody is free to invite their friends, colleagues, family, etc. Everybody is free to run robot scripts (bots like eggdrop, bnc, etc) in their own channel. And we expect everybody to behave, use common sense, and accept our global network rules.

Floris is the owner of the network, he and his team run multiple servers, at multiple data centers, at different continents, all on a volunteer basis. We do not charge any of our users any money for using our network. We are of course open to donations to help us cover the costs.