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A request for a donation Posted on: 11/1/2011. By: Floris

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Posted on: 23/12/2010. By: Floris

Team Updates Posted on: 17/9/2010. By: Floris

Happy Couples Enjoying Chat Posted on: 26/7/2010. By: Floris

Netsplits due to UnrealIRCd backdoor Posted on: 12/6/2010. By: Floris

vbirc network seeking a temporary local operator Posted on: 6/4/2010. By: Floris

Network Statistics Service now Online Posted on: 6/2/2010. By: Floris

Happy New Year and new ToS in effect Posted on: 2/1/2010. By: Floris

Some fun: idle rpg bot Posted on: 14/11/2009. By: Floris

IPv6 Support Posted on: 2/11/2009. By: Floris

SSL Support Posted on: 23/10/2009. By: Floris replaced Posted on: 4/10/2009. By: Floris

database bot upgrade Posted on: 1/8/2009. By: Floris

Linkinus Included our Network Posted on: 14/6/2009. By: Floris

Services Restores Posted on: 8/1/2009. By: Floris

Important : December Downtime Posted on: 8/12/2008. By: Floris

Channel Logging Now Possible Posted on: 13/8/2008. By: Floris

Some Services May Discontinue Posted on: 14/6/2008. By: Floris

New Feature: The amazing Trivia Bot Posted on: 22/4/2008. By: Brian

Chat Network Name Change Posted on: 22/4/2008. By: Floris

New: StatServ Posted on: 21/4/2008. By: Floris

New Web Site Posted on: 17/4/2008. By: Floris

Upgrade: New Servers/Network Posted on: Q1 2008. By: Floris